Hibbard Electrics are Wagga's domestic electrical specialists, with experience in domestic fit-outs. We have a reputation for quality workmanship in maintenance and repairs, safety inspections, and innovative electrical solutions for homes. We can provide you with a full suite of residential and domestic electrical services, whether you’re a Wagga homeowner or a residential property manager. 

We are on call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so call Hibbard Electrics now to handle your electrical emergency.

Experienced tailored solutions from a simple power point to a brand new commercial office fit out. Many other electricians carry out their work 'parrot fashioned', they do it that way because that is the way they know. Hibbard Electrics are interested in the customers end goals. We provide honest flexible quoting showing you how it has been priced and offering you the opportunity to do it in stages. We can provide a number of different options such as organising a trench for a new power conduit to reduce the overall costs. 


Why you need to upgrade your board?

We also do switchboard upgrades which is increasingly important to have current safe electrical installations around the home.

  • Removing redundant off peak metering;
  • Removal of excess meters this can save $300-$400 per year per set of meters;
  • Removal of asbestos switchpanel;
  • Upgrade to safety switches on their electrical circuits from ceramic fuses (RCDs provide much better fire and electric shock protection than ceramic fuses).


What we do that others may not?

We use quality gear, such as treating and disposing of asbestos properly at a licenced waste facility.


Are you renovating or building a new home?

We assist with renovation work requiring general electrical work due to extension, or completely rewiring of house. We're fully qualified level 2 work (Overhead or underground service areas)

Is the  house is in an area with overhead or underground supply? Many electricians have Level 2 including the Cat II underground but only a handful have CAT III - Overhead. Our qualified service offers both.

Do you want a no obligation quote?

Please feel free to use our online quoting system and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tailored quote solutions to suit the customers needs achieved through working knowledge of the applicable standards and regulations. We have a good understanding of available products to suit, but most importantly identify your needs, intentions and goals.

Planned work such as installing a patio, needing some power points, hot water system installed?

We carry out small projects as well as large including power point and light installations. We are happy to support whatever your needs.

Do you have an after hours emergency?

Our team is responsive in after hours emergencies such as faulty hot water systems, loss of power or dangerous electrical situations.